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We wish you a warm welcome to our organic eco-resort, which is your perfect getaway spot.

When city life bores you with the constant hustle and the unending traffic jams, you need to take a break from it to relax and replenish your mind and soul. The best escape from the hectic lifestyle is a weekend getaway to our eco-organic resort. Spend beautiful time with your friends and family in our eco-cottages, party on our stunning terrace, lounges, or banquet halls, experience the joy of a village stay by participating in activities, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.


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Where every meal, event, activity and amenity is carefully crafted for each guest individually

Exclusive offer

We Manage It All.

Our organic eco-resort is your one-stop destination to experience rural life and learn more about farming practices like integrated farming, organic farming, permaculture etc. You can enjoy the feel of a village stay in our beautiful and cozy eco cottages. Overall, it is a unique blend of a recreational and learning experience amidst nature.

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A Welcoming Haven for All Kind of Travelers and Nature Lovers