Individual membership (1999 INR / year)

Sign up for our individual membership 15 days in advance and get exclusive benefits like:

✓ Great food and comfortable lodging at a 15% discount.
✓ At minimum charges we will provide you with a pick-up and drop facility.
✓ Attractive discounts on booking our luxury lounge and beautiful sightseeing travel experience.
✓ Fast delivery of high-quality, organic food products at affordable prices.

Corporate membership (19999 INR / Year)

Sign up for our corporate membership 30 days in advance and get exclusive benefits like:

✓ All employees of the companies will get access to an exclusive 15% discount.
✓ Enjoy special discounts on booking our grand banquet and lounge for social gatherings, office parties, etc.
✓ Enjoy exclusive discounts on conference room booking and a convenient pick-up and drop facility.

You can download our membership form from here.