Terms and Condition

Terms and conditions

  • Do not move anything from the place allotted to it in the guestroom or cottage without permission.
  • Do not switch the positions of gadgets and fixtures without permission.
  • Do not carry any of these into the guestrooms or cottage premises:
  • Anything emitting a foul smell
  • Anything above the normal limit of what should be ideally carried into a guest room or cottage
  • Pets, animals, birds, etc.
  • Guns, swords, explosives, or any other dangerous substances containing volatile oils that may catch fire
  • Any other article that is inherently dangerous to the safety of guests staying in the cottages or guest rooms.
  • Screaming, creating loud noises, singing loudly, or literally doing any other action that can cause annoyance or disturbance to the other guests in the guestrooms or cottages is absolutely prohibited.
  • Refrain from indulging in acts that are against public morality, decency, and order, including acts of gambling inside the cottage or guest rooms.
  • Do not sell any goods or distribute advertisement goods or collect any sort of donation or signature from the guests without taking their proper permission.
  • We can refuse to allow any patient suffering from any kind of illness to stay in the guestrooms or cottage if he or she might cause discomfort to the other guests.
  • Never leave your personal belongings in the lobby or hallways.
  • It is not permitted to take photographs inside the premises that might bother the guests in the cottage or guest rooms.
  • Only the lobby on the 1st floor can be dedicated for the purpose of personal meetings.
  • If the same guests occupy the same guest room for two or three nights, cleaning shall not be deemed necessary during such a period of stay. However, such guest rooms will be cleaned once every six days to maintain hygiene. Further, if the authorities at any point think it is necessary to clean a guest room, the guests in that room do not have the authority to deny such cleaning.



One day before the stay, pay 100 percent of the total room charge.